Today we are going to look at the 20 Python Packages you should know for all your Data Science, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning projects. Those are the packages that I found most useful during my career as a Machine Learning Engineer and Python Programmer. While such a list can never be complete it surely gives you a few tools for every use case.
1. Open CV
The open-source computer vision library, Open-Cv, is your best friend when it comes to images and videos. It offers great efficient solutions to common image problems such as face detection and object detection. Or as we can see below Edge detection, the process of detecting various lines inside an image. If you are planning to work with Images in data science this library is a must. Open CV gathered a massive 56000 stars on Github and made working with image data several X faster and easier for me.
2. Matplotlib
Data visualization is your main way to communicate with non-Data Wizards. If you think about it, even apps are merely a way to visualize various data interactions behind the scene. Matplolib is the basis of image visualization in python, from visualizing your edge detection algorithm to looking at distributions in your data, Matplolib is your partner in crime. 14000 stars on Github and surely a great library to start contributing to. I made for example this animated lineplot in a recent video using seaborn and matplotlib.